Even in the briefest of contacts Ross's warmth and generosity of spirit shone through. A great contribution to advocacy, the profession, and the law. 

Chief Justice of South Australia, Chris Kourakis, Adelaide



Having had the pleasure and privilege of having worked with Ross over many years and in many places, where he gave his time and shared his enthusiasm with huge generosity, I will miss but never forget his charismatic brilliance, his infectious charm and his unfailing sense of humour - and his patience with those of us who were less gifted!

Edwin Glasgow, CBE QC, London


It was a privilege working with Ross, as he was an inspirational teacher whose enthusiasm never seemed to wane. For me, the most charming thing about him (in a very long list) was how much he adored and admired his wife Mara, and how keen he was to tell others about her. He will be greatly missed by us all.

Gail Archer, SC, Perth


Ross was a barrister's barrister. Dedicated, committed, quick-witted, thoughtful. 

More than that, he was a great man. A contributor wherever he went, in all aspects of his life. He had a clear vision of what was right and wrong, and he followed that through. 

Phil Greenwood, SC, Sydney


Generous, hilarious, fearless and brilliant.  Ross, you lit up the room.  I loved being in your company.  You have left behind a huge hole that will never be filled.  
Ben Katekar, Barrister, Sydney



When it comes to an advocacy teacher there are none finer than Ross. Based on his own experiences of life he had that sixth sense to be able to synthesis an issue or a problem into a bite size concept that was easily understood and readily answered. He was a friend and leader in the art of advocacy - someone we will miss but at the same time treasure his wisdom and erudition in the art. Not only was he a role model but a friend to us all

His Honour Josh Wilson, Melbourne



You were always engaging, deploying wit and charm instantly and effortlessly. These attributes, along with your intelligence, self-deprecation and grasp of the human condition, made you a natural teacher, a clear communicator and excellent company at all times. You are sorely missed.

Rodney Garratt, QC, Melbourne


Ross, thank you for your wisdom and common sense approach to everything, especially to advocacy and to the teaching of advocacy.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have learned from you and with you, and to have had the pleasure of having laughed together all the way through it.  You are greatly missed, mate.

Ian Robertson, SC, Adelaide

Thanks for your guidance. You will be missed. 

Michael McHugh, SC, Sydney






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Ross, always a smile and a hearty laugh with you. My respects to Mara and your family.
Lucy Cornell, Voice Coach, Sydney

Ross was one of those generous and ebullient people of whom the Bar and the world could always use more. A great teacher and role model both to a first year and a twenty year barrister (speaking for myself in both cases). Very sadly missed. 

Mark Rinaldi, Barrister, Melbourne and Hobart